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The Art of Focused Conversation for Schools with CD

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Tag: Technology of Participation (ToP)® / Facilitation

By Jo Nelson

The pressure upon educators to teach more to a wider range and number of students with decreasing resources and supports makes it urgent to find tools to answer the questions of "Why donĂ­t kids learn?", "Why can't they seem to do higher order thinking?" "Why does it take so long to create good lesson plans?" "Why do we have endless staff meetings with few results?"

This new "how to" book from Jo Nelson of ICA Associates Inc. demonstrates the many and varied uses of the Focused Conversation Method in an educational setting.

The Art of Focused Conversation for Schools is similar in format to the highly successful Art of Focused Conversation: 100 Ways to Access Wisdom in the Workplace.

Part 1 is about theory and practice:

  • Introduces the method
  • Examines the context for learning in the 21st century
  • Gives solid background and theory
  • Explains the method
  • Helps you prepare a conversation
  • Provides tips on how to lead a conversation
  • Shares experience on dealing with difficulties

Part 2 provides sample conversations that are specific to an educational environment such as:

  • Making learning meaningful
  • Effective communications in meetings and group work
  • Preventing and solving problems
  • Evaluating learning
  • Creative applications for a variety of situations

Each chapter deals with interactions with students, staff, parents and community.