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Electronic Collegiums
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What’s an Electric Collegium?

An electric collegium is, in essence, a converasation. A short presentation with a shared inquiry by the participants. A collegium isn't a traditional lecture nor a facilitation. It's more a four-way confeversation that uses a blackboard, chalk and some triangles. An electric collegium uses new technology to connect people who are separated by distance to accomplish a similar goal.

Each Collegium has a Theme

Collegiums are occasions for sharing in a spirit of appreciative inquiry. It can take the online journey from "not being in the game” or in activie to linking, watching, learning, then leading. it takes something to invite linkers and lurkers into a new game. The people come first with the technology second.

The first step in a collegium is the invitation with an image and story. For example: "Join us! A Collegium On "What’s Jim Addington Cooking at ICA -"

Second, having the link to online content available. Here's a few examples online content links:

Third, record the collegium. The discussion can be added to the work being done by the ICA and in its Archives project.

Finally, have a curated notes page. This could be a wiki (collaborative reference website) with access to collegium attendees and real-time email update notifications to subscribers. You can fin an example of that here.

For more information or to start planning an electronic collegium, contact Steve Harrington at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a collegium?
  • What's a collegium idea - dumb, smart, surprising?
  • What makes a collegium electric?

Email the collegium team at 2012collegium@gmail.comand we'll share some ideas and examples and invite you to start one.