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Gift Opportunities

The ICA-USA would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. ICA-USA operations and programs depend on your personal donation to continue working as a positive force for social change in our local and global communities.

There are several options for your individual gift giving needs:

Gifts by Check/Credit Card

The majority of gifts to the Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA are in the form of cash. An unrestricted gift for the greatest needs of the organization is of particular benefit, but gifts may be designated for specific purposes.

Donate now

Donate by mail to:

4750 N. Sheridan
Chicago, IL 60640

Reoccurring Gifts

Your donation will enable the Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA to remain a resource for rural and urban communities, schools, government agencies, nonprofits, businesses, churches, and anyone seeking to find the will for positive change.

Make a pledge now
(Please indicate monthly or quarterly and date of withdrawal in Donor Comments box on Donate Form.)

Gifts of Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities can provide special tax advantages: capital gains taxes may be avoided completely and the fair market value of the stock may be claimed as a charitable deduction on your income tax, up to 30 percept of adjusted gross income for itemizers.

The simplest way to make a gift of stock is to instruct your broker or banker to transfer it to the Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA. Your broker should be asked to contact our Development Office to determine whether we wish to keep the stock or sell it. An alternative, if you have the certificates in your possession, is to send them by registered mail, unsigned, to the Institute of Cultural Affairs Development Office in one envelope, and in a separately mailed envelope, send a stock power form signed by you in the presence of your broker or banker.

Instructing your agent to reissue the stock in our name often causes a delay. This can be a problem when a year-end gift is involved, since the delay could result in a different valuation than intended.

Gifts of Real Estate

Gifts of homes, farms and other real property can receive the same tax treatment as gifts of securities: no capital gains tax plus deductibility at fair market value. Usually, the Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA will accept gifts of real estate if there are not restrictions placed on selling the property. A donor can also transfer title to a personal residence or farm to the Institute of Cultural Affairs - USA and retain the right to live in or use the property for life. A current gift of a home or farm with retained life possession gives the same tax benefits as a gift by will-plus immediate income tax savings. Probate costs may be saved as well.

Gifts of Insurance

When the Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA is named as the owner and sole beneficiary of a life insurance policy, the donor receives an immediate income tax charitable deduction roughly equal to the cash value of the policy. Premiums later paid by the donor are also tax deductible. 

Memorial and Honor Gifts

Gifts to remember or honor a relative of friend may be designated for specific purposes, such as Learning Basket®, endowments, or general support of the organization. Acknowledgement will be made to the family of the deceased if the name and address of the closest survivor is provided.

Matching Gifts

Committed to support the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Tina and Raymond Spencer have challenged their fellow colleagues to join them in support of the 2012 Annual Fund Campaign.
Double the impact of a new or increased gift through the extraordinary generosity of Tina and Raymond. They will match all new gifts and gift increases up to $50,000 in 2012.
Any new gift will automatically be doubled. That means if you donate $50, the Institute will receive $100! For our loyal colleagues who give to ICA annually, Tina and Raymond are challenging you to increase your 2011 gift. When you do, they will match the increased portion of your gift.

Estate and Planned Gifts

While outright gifts provide valuable support for current programs, estate giving provides substantial support for future programs. This form of giving is particularly suited to those desiring to make larger gifts through their estates rather than during through their estates rather than during their lifetimes. The allowable state tax deduction is unlimited.


The most frequent for of an estate gift to the Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA is a specific bequest in a will. Important tax savings can result from this type of contribution, sine bequests to the Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA qualify for an estate tax deduction.

The drafting of your will should be arranged with your attorney. Organization representatives are available upon request to confer with you and your attorney in drafting the appropriate bequest clauses. The following is a simple form for an outright bequest:

I give, devise, and bequeath to the Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA, a charitable corporation located in Chicago, Illinois, the sum of _______ dollars (or other personal or real property appropriately described) to be used by its Board of Directors as it shall deem advisable to best promote the institution's objectives.

Annuities and Gifts in Trust

Benefactors who wish to receive income during their lives while at the same time providing a significant gift to the Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA should consider establishing a charitable annuity or trust. Income and tax benefits can be substantial.