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Student Leadership Development Training
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Accelerate 77 Summer Internship

Leadership Development Program

 (May 28, 2012 - August 3, 2012)

The students that participate in the leadership development course at the beginning of the summer will play a leader and coordinator role later in the summer program. These students will be pivotal in the success of the Accelerate 77 summer internship program.

The leadership program of Accelerate 77 will include classroom time with students from around the U.S. that are participating in ICA’s summer service learning program, coupled with more in-depth training on community organizing and participatory planning methodologies. ICA-USA is known for its technology of participation ToP ® facilitation methodology. Students participating in the leadership program will expand their facilitation skill sets. This will include facilitating meetings, shaping group consensus, and using participatory processes to foster change.

During the three week program, students will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of systemic oppression, socially constructed identities (race, class, gender, etc.) and the self-replicating processes that produce poverty and social subordination;

  •  Learn a common language that describes oppression systems and outcomes;

  • Develop a sense of personal agency regarding "making the case” for local sustainability and facilitating/organizing the change process at the local level;

  • Advance their understanding of and skill at framing issues as practical challenges rather than ideological debates.

  • Gain a clear grasp of some of the practical challenges associated with "going green” in urban America;

  • Expand their understanding & grasp of global interdependence and the ability to discern and articulate linkages among the persistence of poverty, shaping sustainably green communities, and building the foundations for global peace;

  • Cultivate a sharpened appreciation for the importance of local/micro actions in relation to global/macro challenges;

  • Improve their ability to see and think beyond the silo imagination that separates the issues and challenges of social justice, ecological sustainability and world peace;

  • Increase their capacity to facilitate group planning processes;

  • Become intentional about and gain experience in the use of tools of the interior life, e.g. journaling, self-reflection etc.

 For additional information or questions please email, Nina Winn,