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Stages of ToP Trainers Network

Stages of the ToP Trainer Network

Based on proficiency as a facilitator and level of experience with the ToP methods, each trainer plays an important role in sustaining the overall integrity of the network. There are four types of trainers.

Those who have reached the level of Mentor Trainer have conducted the GFM course at least 10 times as a lead trainer, are willing to provide training and coaching for Apprentice Trainers, and assist in the development of curriculum and advanced training modules and Facilitator's Guides.

Those who have reached the level of Qualified Trainer can play the role of lead trainers. In addition to meeting the requirements of Apprentice Trainer,Qualified Trainers demonstrate ToP® trainer competencies, are consciously connected to the ICA ToP® Trainers Network as a way of mastering skills in interaction with colleagues, and are committed to ongoing course development and refinement.

Those who have reached the level of Apprentice Trainer have participated in a minor training role on a team of three in which the principal leadership is carried by two Qualified Trainers. Apprentice Trainers do follow-up evaluation of their course experience, use GFM in a "real world situation" with a Mentoror Qualified Trainer as co-facilitator, and evaluate the process skills applied in the experience. They are co-trainers on a team of two or three until they have led each segment of the GFM course with a satisfactory evaluation from the Mentor/lead trainer.

Provisional Trainers are people who have requested to participate in the ToP®Training Track. They have selected a Mentor Trainer, purchased the Trainer's Manual, and signed the Trainer's Agreement. In addition, they have built a plan to take a minimum of three formal ICA trainings including the three ToP® courses (GFM, PSP and POP) or an alternative training as arranged through the Mentor Trainer. They take the role of 'Participant Observer' in a course at least once.