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Resilient Communities

Local Food. clean Energy. Being Neighbors. Local Business. Permaculture Design. Creative Response. Social Change. Partnering with Nature.

Opportunity is the positive...TOGETHER.


Transition Chicago

In January 2011, ICA and a group of local grassroots citizens developed Transition Chicago, a "city-hub" aiming to serve as a network platform for both Transition movements and other similar environmental initiatives happening in the Chicago area.  In collaboration with ICA-USA, Transition Chicago provides meeting space, builds partnerships, offers Transition Town and environmental trainings, and provides resources for community resiliency efforts in the greater Chicagoland area. See meeting and event calendar.

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What is Transition?

Guiding our communities from oil dependency to local resilience

Co-founded by Rob Hopkins, the Transition movement is a proactive, positive visioning, forward-thinking approach to the realities of our future. Peak oil and climate change, combined, demand that we rethink virtually every aspect of our modern world, and that we begin to mobilize this Transition immediately. The Transition movement declares that a future with less oil could possibly be better than what we have now - IF we consciously design it to be that way. People within the Transition movement are actively working to envision and create that positive change. We do this by growing local resilience, our ability to flex and adapt to change.

Transition Uptown 

Local citizens and ICA are starting a local initiative to create a environmental sustainability plan for the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago.  Want to be a part of the core team and share your project ideas? We would love your help and talent to make some real change happen. Contact Nina Winn, 773-769-6363 x301 for more information.

Are there any other local Transition Initiatives?


Hyde Park - Kenwood

Rogers Park



McHenry County



June 2011- Training for Transition (T4T): How to start a local initiative in your neighborhood  

A 2-day course designed to give a detailed introduction to the most important skills necessary to successfully set up, develop, and run a Transition project in your locality. It is designed for people who are already in a group working to achieve this, who are thinking of creating such a group, or wish to join such a group.

At the end of the course participants will:

  • have a clear understanding of the context for transition towns and communities, the current global situation and the transformational possibilities that arise from rebuilding community resilience to make the transition to sustainability
  • know what the TT model is – Including an in depth look at the key 12 steps from inspiration, setting up the initiating group, all the way to having active and effective working groups
  • have experienced a joint visioning process
  • understand how to organise effective meetings such as public talks, open space days and small theme working groups
  • understand the purpose and principles of an Energy Descent Plan
  • have the outline of an effective and inspiring talk on the Transition Initiative
  • have formed useful contacts with other Transition initiatives, and met some of those involved in the Transition Network
  • have a plan of action for themselves and their locality

This training will follow the transition model in paying attention to both the outer work and the inner work necessary for a successful transition process. This will be a participatory process, with participants invited to share their own experience and learn from other transition initiatives.

 Space is limited, register in advance.To learn how to get involved with Transition Chicago or Transition Uptown, contact Nina Winn, 773-769-6363 x301.


Read more about the Transition Model:



Want to share some ideas for the Transition Chicago project?

Check out what's going on at a Transition Chicago meeting 6:00-7:30 pm, 4750 N. Sheridan every other Monday. Bring a friend, the more the merrier! (Meetings subject to change, call in advance).

Next Meeting: Monday, SEPT 26TH


For questions or more info on how to get involved, contact:

Nina Winn,

 (773) 769-6363 x301

Transition Chicago Events Page

Your support can help

 the ICA-USA mission in a variety of ways. For more info...

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