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50th Anniversary Celebration

1962 - 2012 Midway in a Century of Care

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The 50th Celebration Planning Committee has been formed to honor the starting point of the Ecumenical Institute and the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA). The age of an organization says nothing about the strength of its origin, its vitality in terms of service innovation, or even its culture at any special moment in time. ICA is at the mid-point in a century of care. There is certainly much to consider when preparing for such a landmark occasion.

The committee members, chaired by board member, Alan Gammel, are: Pam Bergdall, Cheryl Kartes, Steve Harrington, Wanda Holcombe, Judy Lindblad, Paul Noah, Richard Sims, Jim Wiegel and Donna Ziegenhorn.

Help create the EI/ICA 50th Celebration in your community. Individuals and groups are invited to participate in hosting 50 Events for 50 Years as part of the celebration of EI/ICA’s fiftieth anniversary.

Judy Lindblad is coordinating the team planning the 50 local events in the US and other countries to celebrate five decades of EI/ICA work. The events will consider present challenges for our communities and the globe, and will look ahead to the next 50 years of positive, innovative social change.

Common Features of an ICA 50th Anniversary Event

Many people are planning to host local events during 2012 as a part of the celebration. While the specifics of these events are entirely at the discretion of the host, it is valuable to have some common features to tie them together. Below are four features that ICA would like host-teams to include in the design of their events.

1. Discussion, in some form, about caring for the world during the next 50 years. In some events, this may be the primary focus. For example, several locations are planning workshops in collaboration with other groups and organizations to talk about the future. Some of these are specific workshops on particular topics, e.g. environmental sustainability initiatives with local communities, "Awakening the Dreamer,” or the future of early childhood education, etc. For more general, and perhaps more informal, gatherings, here are some possible questions that might form part of the program (but feel free to adapt and modify as seems appropriate):

  • What are some of the urgent challenges that concern you? Think both locally and globally.
  • What are some of the tools and insights from your own experience that have been helpful in dealing with some of these difficult challenges?
  • What is currently going on in our community/region or area that is a creative response to some of these challenges?
  • What gives you hope for the future?

2. Use of an introduction video about ICA and its 50th Anniversary. A short video has been prepared to set a context for the 50th Anniversary. This might be simply available for viewing on a table at the side of the room or be projected onto a wall as a part of the formal program. For easy showing, ICA-USA can provide hosts with a DVD of the video. Here is a link to the video online:

3. Involvement by attendees in creating the Anniversary art form. This is an exercise to help create the 50th Anniversary art form, ICA has commissioned an artist to create a fabric-based piece using strips of muslin cloth. The size of these strips is to be approximately 4” x 18” (50cm X 10cm). The artist, Gina Alicea, prefers that these be torn rather than cut (a quarter inch snip with scissors makes tearing easy). Each participant at a 50th Anniversary event will be invited to write a phrase on a strip that expresses a hope, claims a promise, or states a vision for the next 50 years. Fabric markers are best for this but permanent "Sharpie” markers are also okay. After the event, these should be sent to ICA-USA who will then give them to Gina. She in turn will use all strips from every event around the world to weave together an art form that will be displayed at the ICA office in Chicago for the next fifty years.

4. Posting of a 1-2 page summary about the event on the ICA-USA website. Hosts should prepare a 1-2 page summary (in Word or PDF) about the event that can be posted on the ICA-USA website. The summary should include some information about where and when the event, who attended, and what occurred. Insert two or three photos in the document. Please send the summary electronically ASAP after the event to Tom Wray at

For full details, click here for a printable PDF. If you would like to host or attend a gathering in your community, contact the coordination team and please feel free to share this information with others who can join the celebration! Watch the website for updates and scheduled events you can attend.

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